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Franchisee Testimonials

At Saladworks, fresh covers more than crisp, hand-chopped lettuce and vine-ripe tomatoes; it also means prompt, courteous service in a friendly, casual environment. That's why the entire Saladworks team is dedicated to serving delicious, customized meals—fast. It’s a proven formula that works. But don’t take our word for it; check out some of our Franchise Testimonials below.

“Owning and operating a business is always going to be a challenging experience. But it’s also incredibly rewarding. By utilizing all of the tools and resources that Saladworks has at its disposal, it’s easy to get to the point where things are running smoothly on a consistent basis,” Smith said. “Working together with the Saladworks team allows me to be in business for myself, but not by myself. I never have to go it alone—I know that there’s a strong team behind me that’s there to offer support and guidance whenever I need it. That’s ultimately what continues to fuel my success as an entrepreneur, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next for both my businesses and the entire Saladworks brand.”

– Robinleee Smith, Exton Mall and Streets on the Main Exton Saladworks


“Having been part of Saladworks for 4 years, with multiple locations, I know how successful our restaurants can be which is why I jumped at the chance to redesign my store. On the first day we opened there was a line out the door and it hasn’t slowed down yet. My customers love it and are showing their appreciation every day by coming back more frequently. I am seeing explosive growth and couldn’t be more thrilled with the new design.”

– Nish Patel, Multi-Unit Owner, 4 Years with Saladworks

“Coming from a business background with no restaurant experience our initial nervousness quickly disappeared after meeting the team at the Home Office and understanding all the support they would be providing to ensure our success.  The team has been there every step of the way.  They continue to assist us to make sure we have everything we need to stay successful.  Saladworks is a great concept, with a great support staff and a tremendously loyal customer base ensuring our success and the financial freedom we were seeking for our family.”

– Colleen Mading, 10 Years with Saladworks

"I became a Saladworks franchisee because I wanted to bring the concept to new communities. With people’s increased awareness of the food they’re consuming and our commitment to serving only the best and freshest ingredients, we are in a perfect position for expansion. It’s a really exciting time to be a part of the Saladworks team. The brand as a whole has so much growth potential that’s really tangible to me as a franchisee."

– Curtis High, Multi-Unit Owner, 10 Years with Saladworks

“Saladworks helped turned my dream of being a business owner into a reality. Saladworks provided the product and the brand, I added in hard work and great employees and now I am living my dream. We don’t have a customer base like most restaurants… we have a fan base. I see customers come in 3, 4 times a week! They are incredibly loyal to the brand and make Saladworks a regular part of their schedule. As a multi-unit franchisee, it is a tremendous asset to know that what we do here creates loyal, lifelong customers.”

– Vince Rosetti, Multi-Unit Owner, 11 Years with Saladworks

"Saladworks provided the brand and business structure to allow us to own great restaurants. Having the freshest product is what sets us apart from other concepts, giving us very loyal customers who visit our locations several times a week. It is rewarding to receive continuous compliments from our guest, making our ownership experience great. The Home Office team has provided us with the support we needed to start and grow our business and it was great to find out how much of a say the franchisees actually have. The Home Office team really gives us the opportunity to be heard. They value our insights as owner operators who are in the store every day. The Home Office takes our opinions and comments into consideration for everything from advertising to menu changes."

-Lee & Tara Smith, Mult-Unit Owners, 10 Years with Saladworks



To learn more about Franchise opportunities with Saladworks, call 1-800-230-8447, or click to fill out an Inquiry Form.