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The Saladworks concept was developed in 1986 when the first store opened in Cherry Hill Mall, Cherry Hill, NJ with the idea of providing fresh, made-to-order, entrée-sized salads as an alternative food offering for consumers on the go.  Saladworks provided a meal that was healthy, quickly accessible and delicious.

Saladworks continually won over new fans with its fresh take on salads. The new hot concept meant an end to the days of chemical-coated tomatoes and brown-tinged lettuce. Salads were made to order, chopped on-location and assembled right in front of your eyes. Appetizing, imaginative salad offerings –served in substantial portions– proved to be a winning formula that took salads from a side dish to the center of the plate. 

Saladworks grew locally and as the company experienced incredible consumer response, it became obvious that America was ready for a nationwide salad explosion.  With the first franchise unit, Saladworks began its rapid ascent towards becoming the nation’s #1 salad franchise. By 2002, there were more than 30 locations, each attracting its own fans with this time-tested, winning formula.

Saladworks has continued to reach successful milestones. In 2013, the first of many international locations opened as Saladworks embarked upon creating fans on foreign soil in areas such as Singapore, The United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. 

In 2015, Saladworks was purchased by Private Equity Firm Centre Lane Partners who saw a brand at the cusp of explosive growth.  With more than 100 locations across the globe, Saladworks is, more than ever, prepared to deliver the ultimate in health-conscious, fan-driven dining. With its trailblazing leadership and sensational, fresh salads, Saladworks’ future as the nation’s #1 salad franchise is a bright one. If you’d like to learn more about Franchise opportunities with Saladworks, call 1-800-230-0447, or click to fill out an Inquiry Form.